Therapy Lyrics


Hey! What’s up? I’ll leave this all on your machine

This is the last call from me from here on out

No more finding roadkill on your lawn in the morning

I’ve stopped collecting your hair; I’ve thrown it all out

I don’t call the hotlines anymore, so now they’re mad at me

No longer spying from your neighbor’s tree

I don’t need to stalk you anymore


I’ve been in therapy

My therapist just sits there and agrees with me

He costs about the same as a law degree

He wrote me some prescriptions and he set me free

From all the prophecies

That I had self-fulfilled so devotedly

And then this obsession began to freeze

If only I could have foreseen

You were not worth the stalking

It’s all over – retired Peeping Tom

Binoculars gather dust on my bookshelf

It’s time I forged ahead with a purpose all my own

A reason to keep breathing in and of itself

Seeing your frightened tears used to fill my world

Now that I’m a lady, I must throw away the girl – out of the trunk and into the river


I’ve been in therapy

I’ve got a captive audience finally

And take more medication than celebrities

I’ve switched my focus onto curing my disease

So when you go outside and feel the breeze

Remember: ‘cause I won’t be watching from the trees

I no longer plead my insanity

My therapy is gonna be the death of me

Sincerely, Goodbye Forever

And ever x4

I know I said I’d never call you again

I thought I’d gotten over you

But my brain had another plan

We were meant to be together

Just like ‘Politics and Crime’

I’ll stop cutting your brakes

If you’ll only just be mine

What do you think I’ll do

With a restraining order?

I’m gonna do to you

What Frodo did to Mordor


I think you need therapy

You’re cold and insensitive

And honestly

This rope was way expensive so don’t struggle please

That webcam in your bathroom needs some batteries

Let’s take some family photos!

And when I set you free

We’ll go to therapy

Take a listen to Therapy here on soundcloud!

NEW SINGLE - Therapy is now available on!
Check it out!

NEW SINGLE - Therapy is now available on!

Check it out!

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Come see Cache Monet’s DEBUT performance at Spectacular Spectacular!, a Cabaret Variety Show at the Uptown Arts Bar at 3611 Broadway, KCMO 64111! 

Doors open at 9:00, Show begins at 9:30.

Admission is $10 at the door.

In addition to Cache Monet, there will be burlesque and other cabaret acts performed by many beloved local KC performers! We are NOT headlining this event, and there will be several extremely talented people performing for you at this event! You will be glad you came!

Please invite your friends! 

Here’s the link to the official Spectacular Spectacular! FB Event:

Adam’s Apple Lyrics


In the beginning
There was nothing to be seen
The Universe was lonely
So I was made for him, and then
I began the end
Curious at why I’m lesser than
A thirst for something deeper
The knowledge of the Great I Am

Adam’s Apple
It’s all my fault
Eden crumbles
At our feet forever
And we grow old
Made unequal
What separates can never bind together
All my faults
It’s all my fault

Paradise was fraying at the seems
The serpent promised me holy things
I’d do it all again; ignorance is broken
You can drag me through hell
But I’ll never repent


Never will we return
To the garden of ignorance
Will I burn in Hell?
Or will I beg for your benevolence?
Women are the weaker vessel
And they shouldn’t speak
But Prometheus brought fire
From the gods to the Greeks

Here’s your freedom
You’ve got to use it
Don’t be timid, girl
Or you could lose it
I’m a feminist, terrorist
Won’t let them control this
I have created you
Adam can suck it!


Select shots from the Adam’s Apple photoshoot. More can be seen at!

Adam’s Apple - Cache Monet

Take a listen to our first single, Adam’s Apple! 

Cache Monet Debuts!

Starting in October of 2012, I began working with a dear old friend of mine, Tanith K., both of us wanting to start performing music and thespianism in and around Kansas City. We ultimately decided on music-centered performance highlighted by comedy and burlesque. We set to work on coming up with a name for our ambitious project; we decided upon “Cache Monet” pronounced “Cash Monayyy.”

Tanith has a history in burlesque performance in the Kansas City area, and I have done some performing with my dear old band, “The Abortionists.” It seemed like a necessary evolution as I was getting ants in my pants about getting out of my house and into the city. We are currently developing our stage show and many musical numbers.

This month, we have announced to the entire universe that we have a single on iTunes that we have labored over for months, that we are beginning our marketing campaign to raise some money so we can start performing with the necessary equipment, and hitting our friends up for some support and exposure.

While the new single, “Adam’s Apple,” isn’t overtly humorous or entirely indicative of our music style, we are very proud of our product, and assure you all that there will be many more. To increase the amount of exposure we can gather in a short amount of time, we need you, our friends and the very good people of the internet who I have been promoting music to for a very long time!

Here’s the deal:

1. Listen to the track on and comment telling us what you think.

2. If you like it, you can buy the track on iTunes or CDbaby (for now, our distribution will take a bit to get on and such). WRITE A REVIEW. This part is really important. It helps people on iTunes know what other people think about us, and it helps people make buying decisions they wouldn’t otherwise make.

3. If you want to hear more, go to and join the mailing list. We will do our best to let you hear our new stuff FIRST before we announce things on Facebook, Twitter and such.

4. Use social media like Facebook & Tumblr to share our website and music with your friends, friends of friends, pets, family, etc.

5. Be in our music videos! In the next few months, we will be putting announcements for all y’alls to meet us to do some video shoots for promotional videos! Everyone will receive credit for being in them, and we promise it will be super fun!

6. Help us get into venues! Once our act is complete, we will be inviting you all to our first performance and we will do our best to get it on video so you non-attenders can see us perform.

Obviously, you’re not obligated in any way to do any of this. I appreciate everyone who has had to listen to 5 versions of each song and did so willingly and who gave constructive criticism and encouragement.

Once we release a full album, we will be able to offer physical distribution and get a physical CD into your hands. Once we start up a street team, we’ll set up ways that we can give away free goodies to our supporters!

Thank you for reading, and for listening, and we will be back with some sarcastic-mode for our upcoming new singles, which should release before the end of February!

-Booyah, aka Princess Tigerlily of Cache Monet